Mixed Signals

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6 thoughts on “Mixed Signals

  1. I want to clarify a scientific point here.. Cellphone signals DO NOT interfere with Aeroplane navigation systems. Frankly, it should be obvious. If it did, that is a major ridiculous flaw in the design. The cellphone radio signals operate in a completely different spectrum compared to the nav/radio systems of aeroplanes. The reason we are told not to use cellphones when taking off is because if we do, we may cause the cellular network to crash since we will load it severely (as many cell towers will be in line of sight giving clear signal to us)… But clearly, an average person may not grasp this and so the only way to avoid cellphone usage on planes is to “scare” the people to believe that this may actually do something to the plane’s nav system.

    So, long story short, what they say on the plane is a big lie… 😀 and it is meant for the safety of the cellular network, NOT the plane!

    • where is the like button? 🙂
      anyways, I will go make one comic on the expert who came up with that likely cause.. 🙂

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