The Freudian (S)lip


11 thoughts on “The Freudian (S)lip

    • i don’t know if they hate me or if they hate my comic… I am hoping they will come up and say why they hate it at some point…

    • yes, i cant help but think the dislikes are more to do on a personal level.. i cant see any reason to dislike this (and many others that were disliked), leave alone not ‘liking’ them.. Keep the good work going guys.. And to those 3 ppl , have the guts to say something straight to the face

      • ‘Different jokes for different blokes’
        It may not really have to do with guts – not all people who liked left a comment either. May be they just don’t have any time to or like to make themselves clear.

Lay bare. Your thoughts, silly.

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