Angry Birds That Should Have Been Made

You might have seen the Oatmeal post about Angry Birds… It left me thinking, if there are some angry birds that should have been made…

Now I know you all want to listen to the song, so here is a Youtube link to “Surfin’ bird”… Ha ha… That song is going to stay in your heads all day…

Update : Also someone has made “Superhero Angry Birds”

P.S – Leave comments if you think there are other birds that should have been made…


10 thoughts on “Angry Birds That Should Have Been Made

    • The flippin bird… Nice… 😀
      Also I must add, I resisted the urge to add a “Thongbird” you know for some glamour…

  1. Interesting thought, The Biohazard Bird Vs. Biohazard Pig…. Swine Flu Vs. Bird Flu…. That sounds sick!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to let you know when I click on your profile from my site, it says your site has been removed by the author. It looks like you changed the name of your blog and that is what’s attached to your profile. so even though I approved your comment, it won’t show up bc they think you aren’t there.

    I didn’t mean to post this as a comment, so feel free to delete this but I didn’t see a way to contact you directly.

    anyway, your birds are funny!

  3. Actually, the idea for using pigs as an enemy in the Angry birds game was originally conceived when the swine flu epidemic was on.So,in a way,these biohazard birds make the concept come full circle. Anyway,how about this – Blackbird,just to be racially inclusive 😀

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