Stick No Bills

P. James advertisement is also visible in the Great Wall of China when seen from space. It happens to be one of the tattoos Ghajini could never figure out. Inside information reveals that this ad is the secret of the briefcase seen in Pulp Fiction. Similarly Dumbledore was pissed off when the name P James was selected in the ‘Goblet of Fire’.

6 thoughts on “Stick No Bills

    • haha.. no kolaveri. etthana naal daan Nayar selling chai to Tenzing n Hillary kadaiye soldradu…

      btw, I do appreciate his effort. Looks like he goes out at night painting it himself. This in a way supports his ad campaign.

  1. In next project, according to Gounder’s advice, he is going to paint this on Thanjavur Kovil Kalvettu and sit right next to it, so that the succeeding santhathis can read it and act clearly…

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