Dream Team Zombie Physicists XI

While on cricket’s linguistic richness and possibilities, check out
His Advice to Youngsters

And I never get tired of punning with late physicists’ names:
Dead Physicists Society (setting a historic fake right) 
FAQ (annoying questions, annoyed answers)



10 thoughts on “Dream Team Zombie Physicists XI

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  2. Bloody brilliant!
    Three more players’ names struck my mind…

    Pierre-Simon Laplace: When he applies himself, he transforms the target equation to an unparalleled domain and reflects stability.

    Thomas Alva Edison: Highly economical, ruthless when coming to business, is always direct* in his approach. Stronger is the field setup, brighter shines his innovation.

    Hendrik Lorentz / Henri Poincare: With his furious pace, he ‘shortens the length’ of the delivery and ‘lessens time’ for the batsman to play the bouncer and thus ‘gets massive’ wickets.

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