The Drake Inequality

The first Jobless Right Now strip saw the light of day on 11 August 2011. At that time, we were merely a small band of three young, naive graduate students trying to jerk out a laugh or two from the discerning. Today, 218 days later, thanks to the class and backing of our readership, we have grown proudly into a small band of three young, naive graduate students trying to jerk out a laugh or two from the discerning.

And we have centupled our efforts.

That’s correct, Reader — this is our one hundredth strip. It should have been published at midnight CST, but we decided not to thieve the thunder from an old friend who was finishing up his own 100th something.

If you weren’t aware of our appreciation of you, know now. Assume our thrilled thanks every time you click on a URL that lands you here, every time you leave a comment or press one of those buttons at the foot of a post. We like it that you come back to visit us, that you think it worth your while to read us. We owe you for that. Gracias beaucoup and muchas merci. (Yes, our grammar and gratitude don’t mix.)

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11 thoughts on “The Drake Inequality

  1. Quoting wiki-mother-fucking-pedia, “Several extrasolar planets including HAT-P-7b, HAT-P-11b, HD 185269 b, HD 187123 b and c, Gliese 777 b and c, and 16 Cygni Bb, have been discovered in Cygnus”…..So the ‘aliens’ saying that they are from the ‘lone planet of Cygnus Constellation’ is wrong which in turn…

    When is the roulette game? Will it be hosted by Surya?

    • Exquisitely researched answer! You will be put down for the contest, although that wasn’t what I had in mind.
      Assume that the poor girl doesn’t have access to wikipedia and that she didn’t know about the extrasolar planets in Cygnus. How does she still call their bluff?

  2. The girl had an epiphany that she is part of a comic strip from ‘JOBLESS right now.’

  3. Constellations are defined wrt how they appear from earth. The sky obviously looks very different from a different star, and stars that appear to be in the same constellation from here on Earth may be not at all close to each other in reality.

    • Shreevatsa,
      Coincidentally, I was re-visiting and re-relishing your blog not twelve hours ago. Your answer has naturally, as the carrom-board coach held up the striker and said to his pupil, hit the nail on the head.

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