We thought stripping would be a great way to make money to pay for grad school. Sadly, we haven’t made a cent so far. Enjoy the free service while it lasts. No touching!

A threesome that strips thrice a week (MWF), we have varied learnings, which reflects in our diverse styles.

Your input and feedback is appreciated. Have we put up a good show or have we not? You should tell us!

Or if you want to just say “Hey”, that’s cool too…


6 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks a lot! But er… we will have a tough time tagging other bloggers. We hardly know anyone. Which in a way is good now. 🙂

  1. Hey, love the comics.

    You know about crowdfunding. Many comic artists are crowdfunding through the U.S. centric kickstarter. If you’re interested in funding a project – perhaps a book with your comics (that would be awesome) or something else – through an India centric crowdfunding platform, Wishberry.in is here for you.

    If you’re interested (in free money!) devansh@wishberry.in

  2. may I know
    how u are related to srinand aka fishy ….
    enjoyed ur limerick ……
    who are u kind sire ?

    NOT out of curiosity , but i have a few qsns if u don’t mind 😛

    PS: hope u heard……about the poor bloke.

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